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    About Lightspeed

    What is the “Cloud”?

    The “Cloud” is a figurative term that refers to hosted or off-site data center servers.  Typically, service providers have multiple centers, which work together to provide multi-level redundancy and fail-over.  Services in the Cloud are more stable, quicker, and easily accessible by anyone, wherever they may be, with nearly any internet connected device.

    How reliable is VoIP?

    As a technology in general, VoIP is extremely reliable.  In years past, many devices, such as routers and switches did not support the strenuous requirement set upon them with VoIP.  These days, most off-the-shelf equipment natively supports VoIP, and includes important ancillary features, like QoS (Quality of Service).  Thus, VoIP has become a very tenable solution for companies around the World.

    Who is Lightspeed and what is the PrismPBX?

    Lightspeed is the premier carrier of cloud-based IP telephone systems.  We are the only true business grade solution and have dedicated our company to providing superior technology solutions, including our flagship product, the PrismPBX.

    The PrismPBX is an enterprise-grade telephone system, and is the culmination of many years of development and design.  It allows businesses to cut costs, increase productivity, and ultimately make more money.  With the PrismPBX, over 40 enhanced features are included in a low monthly subscription rate for no additional charge.

    In addition, the PrismPBX allows for easy and seamless integration of multiple offices, thus creating the ability to transfer calls, intercom, park, and pick up calls from any location – anywhere, any time.

    What can I expect for voice quality?

    VoIP is the preferred communications choice for traditional carriers for their long distance call transport.  Chances are very high that you use VoIP every day and may not even realize it!

    Some cloud-based service providers compress their clients’ voice traffic, using VoIP codecs such as g.729.  They do this because it saves the provider money on their intrinsic costs.  The end result of compression is a “tinny” or “hollow” sound.  Not Lightspeed!   We are dedicated to providing outstanding service, and will not sacrifice quality and satisfaction of our clients over our bottom line.

    We do not compress our traffic – this is why our clients rave about our high-quality crystal clear sound!

    What exactly is Voice over IP, or VoIP?

    Voice over IP, or VoIP is a telecommunications solution that utilizes your high-speed cable, fiber, or DSL internet connection to send and receive vocal communications, rather than traditional copper-based telephone lines.  VoIP has presented a multitude of benefits, such as:  the ability to make or receive multiple calls with a single number; allowing companies to maintain local numbers in various markets without RCF (remote call forwarding); and enabling a single system to serve multiple locations, as if they were all in the same building.

    How does Lightspeed ensure uptime?

    Lightspeed manages and maintains all equipment essential to the proper functionality of your PrismPBX system.  We are constantly monitoring your internet connection and have the ability to instantaneously “fail-over” to a variety of pre-programmed alternative phones, e.g. company cell phones.  The process is automatic and seamless, and is completely transparent to the caller.

    All PrismPBX calls are delivered to one of our geographically-dispersed redundant carrier-grade data centers, and terminated directly to the PSTN, thus ensuring maximum reliability and uptime.

    Our data centers are protected by a number of redundant features, including:

    • Quadruple redundant internet providers
    • Power supported by diesel generators, in tier 1 refueling locations.
    • HVAC
    • High security access

    Value Proposition

    How will a cloud-based telephone system benefit my business?

    There are many benefits to a cloud-based telephone system.  Depending on your personal value perspective, some of the benefits may seem better than others.  The most apparent benefits are:

    • Typical monthly cost savings of 30% to 50% compared with traditional wire line carriers
    • Typical initial savings of 90% compared to traditional telephone systems
    • No equipment to maintain
    • No single point of failure
    • Elimination or great reduction of downtime during utility outages
    • Ability to combine multiple locations into a single system
    • Enabling remote or traveling workers

    Can I keep my current telephone number(s)?

    Absolutely.  Your number belongs to you and cannot be withheld by any carrier for any reason.  We can port your number to any rate center in the United States, and you may use that number as you determine appropriate.

    Does Lightspeed offer any sort of trial or demo system?

    AbsolutelyLightspeed offers a 30 day guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with your PrismPBX system, just let us know and we will release you from any further financial obligation and help you switch to the provider of your choice.

    What type of support does Lightspeed provide after installation?

    We provide a variety of post-installation support.  Clients are welcome to contact our support personnel via email, chat, or phone.  We also provide a handy “how to” guide in which most questions are addressed.

    How much money can I expect to save using Lightspeed?

    Typical savings is between 30% and 50% – sometimes more or less.  Chances are, if you currently use a traditional carrier, AT&T, Verizon, Quest, etc., you will save a substantial amount of money on your monthly communications bill.

    What are the hidden charges / How much are the taxes and fees?

    Lightspeed provides a flat rate service, inclusive of and/all applicable charges, taxes, or fees.  The price we quote you will never change, and you will never have an unwelcome surprise on your monthly statement.

    Why doesn’t Lightspeed offer free phones like some of their competitors?

    You remember the phrase “you get what you pay for”?  At Lightspeed, our biggest concern is ensuring your top satisfaction.  Why should we woo you in with substandard free equipment, when you’re going to end up dissatisfied? We only provide the highest rated equipment.  We do not profit on the sale of our phones and pass our savings directly to the client.  Thus, we ensure the absolute best value for our service – price and functionality.

    Functional Questions

    How many phone lines are included with your system?

    Unlimited.  The PrismPBX allows your business to make and receive as many calls as necessary at any given time.  We do not have any “bursting” charges or other types of nickel and diming pricing structures.

    Do you provide training?

    Of course!  Our team will coordinate with you and provide any number of training sessions, including:

    • Daily usage of system and typically used features
    • Administration of system, including changes and maintenance
    • Manager features, such as Reporting, Call Recording, Coaching

    What features are included with the PrismPBX?

    The PrismPBX includes over 40 enterprise grade features.   Including:

    • Click2Call
    • Graphical Call Reporting
    • Automatic Failover
    • Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist
    • Advanced Call Recording & Monitoring
    • Graphical Switchboard
    • Customizable Music or Messaging on Hold

    Click here for more details.

    Does Lightspeed support multiple locations / travelling workers?

    Yes, the Lightspeed PrismPBX natively supports multiple locations and traveling workers with no additional configuration needed.

    Can I have numbers from other locations, cities, states, etc.?

    Sure, you can have numbers from anywhere in the USA. If you want a New York number, but you’re based in Florida, that’s fine.  If you want numbers from neighboring cities or counties to show a large local presence, that’s fine too.

    Is my business too large/small for this type of service?

    Businesses of all sizes are moving to cloud-based telephone systems.  Our clientele includes everything from national brands with hundreds of extensions, to inbound call center environments, to mom & pop shops with one or two phones.  The common thread is they all have determined a need for a more advanced communications system, be it automatic call distribution (ACD), intelligent auto-attendant for better client experience, the ability to run intuitive call reports, or simply the desire to work from home.

    Can I still have my toll free number / Can Lightspeed provide toll free service?

    We are able to port toll free numbers as well as provide new toll free numbers.  Many times, we are able to provide “vanity” numbers.  A vanity number is a designed number that is designed to present a meaningful mnemonic, such as our number:  877-97-VOICE.

    Does your system support soft phones or smartphones?

    Yes, your Lightspeed PrismPBX system supports many different types of soft phones.  We are also able to install the software on your iPhone or Droid.

    So I only need one phone number, even with multiple locations?

    That is absolutely correct.  With the PrismPBX system, you can make or receive virtually unlimited simultaneous calls.  In addition, no matter what “line” you call from, your main number will always show.  No more clients calling in on back lines.

    Technical Questions

    How long does it take to make the switch to Lightspeed?

    Typically, the switch takes about 2 to 3 weeks.  This time period is strictly based on the amount of time it takes to port your number from the “losing carrier”.   Once we have confirmation of a due date, we will inform you.  At that point, we will confirm the configuration with you and work together with your team to ensure a 100% successful deployment.

    Is Lightspeed compatible with e911?

    YesLightspeed is fully compatible with e911, ensuring your safety in times of emergent need.  Please see the Lightspeed Terms of Service for additional information, including the potential limitations of e911.

    Does your system need a computer to function?

    No, the phone does not need a computer to function.  The phones work independently from all other internet enabled devices.

    What equipment to I have to purchase?

    Besides the one-time cost of the handsets, Lightspeed recommends your company purchase a QoS-enabled router.  These routers are easily available from nearly all electronics or office supply stores, and typically cost $50 to $100, depending on features, e.g. WiFi, etc.

    Do I have to rewire my office for the Lightspeed PrismPBX?

    Your new system simply requires a single CAT5 jack.  If you have an internet enabled computer where the phone will be installed, you do not need additional wiring.  However, if you intend to place a phone in a location with no internet connection, you may need to install a wire.

    What type of internet connection do I need for your service?

    Typically, any high-speed broadband service will be sufficient for the Lightspeed service.  Each call will take approximately 80kb of internet.  You should calculate the number of simultaneous calls you expect to have and multiply that number by 80.  For example, if you have 20 phones, you may expect to have a maximum of 10 simultaneous calls at any given time.  So multiply 10 x 80kb, and you get 800kb, or 0.8Mb (Megabits).  The typical cable or fiber optic broadband connection exceeds any speed requirements.  A QoS enabled router will help ensure that your telephones are always receiving sufficient bandwidth.

    Do I need to cancel my existing service before installing the Lightspeed PrismPBX?

    NoLightspeed will handle the conversion to your new system.  Please do not contact your current carrier prior to the port order taking effect (i.e. installation of PrismPBX).  Doing so may actually delay the port order, and require a longer amount of time until installation.