Integration Partners

    Control your book of business by seamlessly integrating your phone system with your agency management software. In an industry where documentation counts, traditional phone systems are the weak link, because they rely on manual data entry and are prone to human error. PrismPBX by Lightspeed solves this problem by documenting each call into your existing agency management system. In addition to providing a “paper trail” of verbal communications, your Agency will save time, money, and human capital through increased efficiency, performance tracking, and automatic client database access.


    • Turn your book of business into an interactive phone book with Click2Call integration.
    • Click2Call turns any phone number within eAgent or a webpage into a clickable link. Simply click the link, pick up your phone, and allow the system to connect the call and create a call log.
    • Click2Call allows for easy redial and lookup of past calls
    • Incoming calls will automatically prompt client’s or contact’s file to open, preventing time delays and giving your clients the highest level of service
    • eAgent History provides quick access to recorded phone calls under client’s record. Protect yourself and your agency from verbal disputes, litigious clients, and “He Said, She Said” arguments.
    • eAgent History logs all calls as part of your client’s record for tracking and audit purposes

    • Eliminate the delay and frustration of having to manually pull up client records while they are waiting on the phone. PrismPBX by Lightspeed automatically pulls up client records with an incoming call, giving you the quickest and most advanced client response tools to serve your clients.

    • Blitz Lead Manager is a web based program designed to keep you organized and focused on the sales process.  Users are able to bring in leads from any source and track the progress of both prospects and staff.
    • Click2Call turns all phone numbers within Blitz into a link, allowing you to quickly and easily reach leads.
    • When picking up an incoming call, Blitz will automatically open the lead’s file on your computer.  This enables users to immediately help the lead or client without any confusion or interruptions.